End Of August 2014

For record keeping, what follows is a running list of garden activity I haven’t mentioned in journal posts:

  • Added a few spots of color to take us through fall in perennial beds:  Heuchera /coral bells ‘Marmalade’,  Lobelia/cardinal flower ‘Fan Salmon’, Penstemon barbarous/beardtongue ‘Red Riding Hood.’ Also added a couple of Echinacea/coneflower ‘Ruby Star’ and more heliotrope to fill spots in wine barrels  where  plants had died before we drilled holes. early August
  • Spotted first blooming sunflower in one of four plots of sunflowers. early AugustIMG_1664
  • Noticed new buds and blooms on left (northern) half of raspberry trellis, meaning more fruit is on the way! Exciting to have everbearing raspberries. mid August
  • Gladiola beds have sequenced through colors — first were the vibrant hues of purples and reds, and now the softer pastels are starting to bloom. mid August
  • An abundance of zucchini and straightneck squash means we’re giving them away to all takers and also feeding them to the hens daily. mid AugustIMG_1686
  • Volunteer pink peony poppies continue to surprise us in odd locations. Just one ruffled red peony poppy plant in fallow bed. late AugustIMG_2105
  • The grapes are growing rapidly and remain a vibrant green. Just four clusters. late AugustIMG_2099

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