Mystery Plant


On my early morning visit to the greenhouse, I found all varieties of tomatoes producing well. It’s the season for lots of caprese salad!

A few specimens of this large-leafed plant grow in our perennial beds. I first noticed their leaves in the spring. Their flowers atop thick, tall stems are now blooming! I suppose it’s possible that they’re weeds. My usual online resource for plant ID is Dave’s Garden, but I haven’t had success uploading photos onto their site this week. I’d appreciate any help naming this mystery plant.








Same Day Update: One of my sisters has already identified my mystery plants as pink Japanese anemones, Anemone hupehensis. She has white anemones and says they spread like gangbusters.  Perhaps I should consider these lovelies as weeds after all! We’ll see if I have the heart to dig them up after they bloom. I’m hoping they bloom all through the fall and that I might bring them indoors in soft, nodding bouquets. Thanks, Melis! I admire your brains and much more!


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