In The Air

This week I’ve experienced a distinct feeling of fall at Coppertop. With one month of summer remaining, change is in the air. The alder and maple trees have begun their slow leaf drop, and the rake has emerged from the garden shed. The polka-dotted bigleaf maple leaves are an amusing surprise.IMG_1674


Thinking of my amazing nephew, Danny, today as he throws his annual home-brew party! Wish we could be there to celebrate the unveiling of his yummy, new creations. I suppose it’s in Danny’s honor that my hop vines have never looked more verdant than they do today!





2 thoughts on “In The Air

  1. Wow! I’ve been checking in with your blog once every few weeks and have been consistently amazed by your passion and energy so clearly displayed in the incredible beauty you’ve cultivated around you. I had some free time this lovely Sunday morning before having to head off to work so I decided to sit down with a cup of tea and actually read these chronicles completely through from the beginning. And again I say, “Wow!”

    Thank you for your kind mention of me above. We certainly did miss you guys at the Third Annual Beer and Brats Party and hope you can make it to one in the future as they’re turning out be immense fun and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

    Reading this blog has made me think back fondly at the wonderful time Jules and I got to spend with you both in Portugal. It has me thinking that it’s only fair after all your loving hospitality that I should make the journey up to lend my energy and muscles (such as they are) to this incredible task you’ve set yourself. Although perhaps “task” isn’t the right word as it’s clearly giving back to you as much as you put in, which is what makes to so inspiring and fun to watch. But I want to do more than watch, put me to work! And I believe I owe you guys some beer as well…

    I love and miss you both (and Luke!) very much,

    P.S. Do you know what varieties of hops you have?


  2. Danny! So great to hear from you and to read your encouraging words. You are welcome to visit ANY TIME — and we won’t even make you work. The guest rooms await. As far as hops, I just know we have two golden and two green — hahaha — and so far I’ve only seen a couple cone-like hops so these are pretty young and might be males. Wish I could produce some for your endeavors, but the goal of these was probably ornamental. I do have some unused acreage…

    Sending much love.


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