Green Bean Bonanza

This is my first time growing Tenderstar runner beans, and I’ve been tickled by their success.  Tenderstar is a somewhat newly-marketed green bean, a cross between French and runner varieties, with some of the best characteristics of each. I love the flower color!



I purchased the seed online from Park Seed and planted these directly into the ground in early April at the base of an existing 8-foot long chain link trellis in the middle of the vegetable garden. Their growth was very slow for the first six weeks, then they took off!



From the Park Seed site, there’s this flowery description that certainly sold me: “The result of 15 years of British breeding, Tenderstar has all the gourmet texture of a French bean — fleshy, smooth scrumptiousness — with the rich flavor and beautiful blooms of a runner bean. These silky pods reach about 7 inches long, stringless and meaty with a succulence you will adore. They are filled with dark brown-spotted beige seeds that resemble big pinto beans. And as if that weren’t enough, the climbing vine on which the beans grow is as lovely as any runner bean. The pea-like flowers are two-tone, a pale pink offsetting the rich red. They arise profusely from late spring through late summer, adding beauty to the vegetable patch…”



Can you guess what’s on the dinner menu for August?




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