Blue Sky & Blueberries

August at Coppertop is starting out in the best way possible with a visit from dear family, the first ripe blueberries, and long summer days filled with sunshine.IMG_1600

We planted five blueberry bushes in late February. I wrote down what varieties they were on a sheet of paper that I’ve since lost, but I remember a couple had “North” in their name — North Country and Northsky — and promised a wild blueberry flavor.  Three  of the plants have grown rapidly and are producing well.


Our days have been hot! Hot for our area means temps have reached over 80F. I’m thankful that a couple of weeks ago our son convinced us to purchase bales of alfalfa and hay to use to mulch the veggie garden in between the raised beds.  He did a great job laying layers. The rows are staying weed-free longer, and the plants are retaining moisture better in the warm August sunshine.



The airy, fernlike row above is the asparagus hedge, still sending up occasional shoots. I haven’t harvested any for well over a month, and instead am allowing them to grow green and tall, then fernlike, to gather strength for the plant for upcoming years.


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