End Of July 2014

For record keeping, what follows is a running list of monthly garden activity I haven’t mentioned in journal posts:

  • Nasturtiums I started from seed are now blooming in the kitchen window boxes and near the birches — gold, orange, and rose. early JulyIMG_1204
  • Harvested pentland brig kale, filling a large garbage bag. Left plants in ground for second harvest. Washed, removed stems, blanched, chilled, drained, chopped and froze  — made just 3 pounds! early July
  • Sowed more carrots directly into raised bed. early July
  • Purchased and filled two large half barrels for beneath birch trees. Filled with mix of annuals and perennials. early JulyIMG_1363
  • Strawberry harvest is over until next year. mid July
  • Harvested first zucchinis and cauliflower. Harvesting carrots daily. mid July
  • Started a fourth flat of sunflowers and second flat of buttercrunch lettuce in greenhouse. mid July
  • Harvested first batch of sour cherries. Made jars of jam and pie filling. mid July
  • Walla walla onions are doing great! mid JulyIMG_1361
  • Finally remembered to drill holes in bottoms of wine barrels. Hope we didn’t kill all the plants. late July
  • Harvested third batch of currants. Brightest and best yet! Learned to skip the earliest harvest next year as there are PLENTY, and birds aren’t devouring them. late July
  • Transplanted buttercrunch to raised bed. late JulyIMG_1469


  • Peapod vines are done, and need to be pulled up. English peas are still bearing. late July
  • Harvested and pulled broccoli. Chickens love those leaves. Will plant second crop next month. late July
  • So many water lilies in pond that we need to prune the lily pads to make room! late JulyIMG_1567


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