Two Pretty Pinks

Two pink flowers showed up unexpectedly at Coppertop this past week through zero effort on our part. These are gifts of beauty.

As I walked by the pond heading to the veggie garden (those peas won’t pick themselves, you know!), I noticed we have our first blooming water lily. Although it looks plastic, I promise it’s not.


IMG_1348On the back side of our garden shed, this beautiful poppy has sprouted in an unlikely location.

IMG_1371As seen in the photo, other poppies have self-seeded nearby, and I have to wonder how many volunteers I pulled, thinking they were weeds. These must have been cultivated inside the greenhouse at one point, since seedlings are sprouting on the gravel ground; we’ve pulled up many with their cabbage-like foliage, not knowing their potential. Now we know better!




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