Early June Morning

This first week of June has begun with much sun and beauty, with more on the way. During my early morning harvesting of spinach and lettuce, my senses were refreshed by the sweet sounds of birdsong, a woodpecker’s tapping, the chickens’ rustling and quiet clucking, and the gentle, happy snorts of the neighbor’s horses. The hummingbirds and bees are feasting on all the nectar in these spring blossoms, and I’ve never lived in a spot where I hear their almost constant whirring and buzzing. A veritable symphony!

Early June at Coppertop is lovely to the eyes as well as the ears, beginning with the Viburnum, or snowball bushes, shaped into relaxed arches.




The pond is teeming with frogs, returning grasses, and lily pads.


Poppies have begun blooming in the perennial beds and offer a great contrast to the abundant lavender catmint.



And the Himalayan blue poppies are thriving in the cool shadows.



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