End of May 2014

For record keeping, what follows is a running list of monthly garden activity I haven’t mentioned in journal posts:

  • Planted 3 clematis vines on trellises along west side of garden shed- 2 purpurea plena elegans  and 1 ‘Guernsey Cream.’ early May


  • Added a few sweet william seedlings, Dianthus barbatus, to borders along side of the garage. early May
  • Spotted first tips of gladiolas breaking through soil in raised beds. mid May
  • Made great progress in the fight against the string algae in our waterfall through persistence and barley straw. mid May


  • Noticed blackening of branches on young fruit tree (pear?) near birches… debating removal since it’s an awkward location and  fire blight could pass to other plants. mid May
  • Transplanted nasturtiums started from seed into kitchen window boxes — two Ed Hume varieties: dwarf cherry rose and trailing mixed colors.  mid May


  • Planted 2 one-gallon Ceanothus ‘Dark Star’ along with a variety of annuals into extra large pots in front of house. One pot will be for deck after refinishing. late May
  • Planted 2 pots of annuals for area near birch trees and 3 pots for decks. late May
  • Removed young fruit tree mentioned above. late May
  • Started another flat of sunflowers in greenhouse. late May

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