True Blue

The stuff of myths greeted me as I turned the corner of the house this morning.


This spectacular flower is native to the high elevations of the Himalayan Mountains, and we know it as the elusive Himalayan Blue Poppy or  Meconopsis betonicifolia. The previous owners of Coppertop told me these might return this year, but I didn’t know where. What a treat, since these poppies only do well in a few areas of the northern states.


This magical color blue appears rarely in flowers, and gardeners truly take notice and seek it out. I’m sure these poppies have a well-deserved reputation for being difficult to grow. However, the truth is, I ignored these as they sprouted and think they might continue to do best if I simply neglect them!Image

From an article in the Washington Post: “First seen by Westerners in the 19th century, the blue poppy was collected and championed by an intrepid British explorer in the early 20th century. To see the nodding, elongated flower buds open a glowing baby blue must have made all the hardships and travails of Frank Kingdon-Ward seem worth it. ‘The flowers flutter out from amongst the sea-green leaves like blue and gold butterflies,’ he enthused in his diary. The gold is a reference to the anthers, themselves ornamental.”

The best news:  I’ve counted at least four more buds yet to open. Wondrous.  Ethereal.


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