Dicentra & A Birthday!

Bleeding hearts or Dicentra spectabilis beautifully fill some shady spots in north-facing borders at Coppertop with their lovely arched branches of dainty heart blooms. I am amazed at the beauty of these delicate plants, and even the ferny foliage looks almost too fragile to withstand the elements. Yet dicentra return year after year, building a bit more bulk with each year’s appearance, as healthy perennials do.






This is the first time I’ve grown an alba, or white variety. This plant popped up in a shady spot, which bleeding hearts prefer, and the white is a stunning contrast to the deep shade.

So, heart-shaped blossoms lead me to think of love, which leads me to think of my firstborn, who turns 27 today! She is a joy to parent! I was telling her on the phone this morning that I treasured her first few years of life more than I ever dreamed possible. Her baby and little girl smiles and giggles made my heart sing and taught me about a whole new kind of love. She continues to wow with her radiant smile, and her brilliance grows with each year. I could not be prouder of the choices she makes, the vitality of her faith, and the loving woman she is.  Happy Birthday, Sweet Maddy! I love you. Come visit Coppertop gardens this summer, won’t you?


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