Orchard Opulence

This week’s warmth caused many buds to burst open in the fruit orchard. In today’s scattered showers, the trees are a lovely sight in shades of white, blush and apple green.




We have nine fruit trees that I know of:  a large sour cherry, young Italian prune plum, a few apple varieties and a couple of pears. I admit I can’t quite tell the apple and pear trees apart yet, but should be able to soon. Here’s the sour cherry in full splendor:

Some of the apple varieties are still in tight bud stage which means we’ll have a nice, extended harvest season.


Also here at Coppertop, transplanting fever has hit hard. This week I’ve been able to relocate dozens of seedlings I started  in the greenhouse, with still more to complete this weekend. Cantaloupe and cucumber seedlings will have a new home in raised beds near the marionberries.  I also call this area the raised bed cutting garden since five beds are planted with dahlias and gladiolas. Oh the surprises and colors to come!

Some of our broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, giant cabbage, and arugula seedlings are now growing deeper roots in veggie garden beds, with more to be transplanted.  I plan to create small hills near the green bean trellis and relocate the zucchini seedlings there. Finally, because the red sunflower seedlings have taken off, I’ve been hardening them off and have selected a perfect sunny spot for them along the  fence in the fruit orchard.


This area needs weeding and cleaning up before I get them in the ground.  Mentioning weeding, I’m reminded that our young hens have been gobbling up dandelions, especially the greens, as quickly as I can toss them into their pen. It’s a win-win!


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