End of April 2014

For record keeping, what follows is a running list of monthly garden activity I haven’t mentioned in journal posts:

  • Planted Icelandic poppies, violas, and pericallis in the massive Italian rectangular planters at front of house.  (This article about Icelandic poppies is one of my favorites with glorious photos.) early April
  • Added a few small Geum/Avens var. Lady Stratheden in holes in perennial beds. early April
  • Planted a few sweet pea seedlings at foot of trellis in perennial beds. early April
  • Started red sunflower seeds in greenhouse. (closest to the watering can) mid April
  • Planted two rhododendrons var. Nova Zembla near the southern fence line where they’ll get a mix of shade and sun and be visible from the kitchen window — the very first rhodies at Coppertop! mid AprilIMG_0109
  • Planted romaine lettuce seeds in a raised bed and transplanted Chinese cabbage ‘Wa Wa Tsai’ from the greenhouse into a raised bed. mid AprilIMG_0071
  • Planted 3 new hanging baskets to join 2 fuchsia baskets purchased at the beginning of the month. New baskets include petunias, violas, fuchsias and bacopa. late AprilIMG_0114
  • Planted more stevia, lemon balm, cilantro, and chamomile seedlings directly into herb garden. late April
  • Planted celery seedlings in raised veggie bed. late April
  • Spotted sweet pea sprouts along garage garden fence – 1 inch high at over 1 month old! late April
  • Spotted first flowers in cultivated/raised strawberry beds. late April
  • Began the fight against string algae in our waterfall/rockery area. late April

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