Moving Day!

Yesterday we moved our 8-week-old chicks into their new abode. It was a celebratory time for all. The youngsters thoroughly checked out the ground floor of The Chicken Mansion — and it really IS ground, or dirt — and declared it fit for living and pooping in.



I could not be prouder of Hubby’s handiwork. The side panels lift to allow us to easily refresh their water and feed. He even went outside with a flashlight late at night and moved all the chicks upstairs when they hadn’t moved themselves. Based on our experience with hens, this fear of climbing the ladder goes away in a couple of days. The cut-out in their main floor leads to a ladder-like plank, so they have freedom to be in or out.





The easy-access nesting boxes are lined with hay and await some gorgeous eggs, although it will be another few months before the chicks lay.




In a couple weeks, once the gals are over the shock of moving and are used to their new home, we’ll open their gate and let them free range in the afternoons. The benefit of this, as we learned in Portugal, is when the sun sets the hens happily return on their own to their coop. For now, here is the chicks’ not-too-shabby view:



Moving Day was also Mowing Day at Coppertop. The mower is back from the shop, and the triple threat of it, the riding mower, and the weedwhacker allowed for some serious lawn care. Hours in, Hubby and I realized our shoulder muscles were beat. The dandelion flower to grass ratio is back to an attractive level.


The most challenging was this orchard section where the thick green was about a foot high.  It required first a weedwhacking then a mowing. Wow. Right about then we bemoaned the fact that Son had class and work all day and evening, since we could’ve used his young muscles. However, we regained strength at a fun dinner out and are ready to tackle today’s agenda, soreness and all.


Update after a few hours: The chicks are quick learners, running up and down the ladder already, all twelve of them exploring their new home. 🙂



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