Herb Garden In The Works


Conveniently located on a sunny slope outside the kitchen is a small, terraced herb garden.  I took this photo more than a month ago, when the herb garden didn’t look like much. Some might call this a Kitchen Garden. While many herbs survived the chilly winter, some are still recovering. The sage looks pretty ragged, but I’ve scratched the stems and seen green throughout so I’m hoping for a comeback.

I’ve been trying to identify all the herbs by smell and taste. So far some have stumped me, but I’ve noted oregano, sage, and mint, as well as a large pot of chives. Mint is in all kinds of spots along this slope, and I have hopes of drying bundles and making tea from the abundance. Mint loves the misty weather we’re having today. Keeping it under control requires diligence!

I came across a $1 herb sale, so in the last few days I’ve added small rosemaries, chocolate mint, a second type of oregano, stevia, cilantro, and woody thyme. A few holes had been filled previously with petite violas and creeping jenny, and  I’ll probably evict them when my greenhouse basil, parsley, and dill seedlings grow large enough. Lemon grass would be a great addition as well.

The herb garden today:


Just noticed another difference between the two photos  — the new birdbath in the background! This great, simple addition is thanks to a birthday gift from my dear mom.




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