For years I’ve aspired to grow an asparagus hedge. Asparagus, being a yummy perennial, is one of the veggies that keeps on giving with little human effort. No seeds to sow yearly or seedlings to transplant. Our frequent moves have made growing asparagus unattainable since it takes a good three years to establish and begin harvesting. Until the third year, all sprouts should be left unclipped and allowed to grow fernlike to gather strength for the plant. A mature asparagus hedge looks like this photo from New York City Garden’s blog: Image

When we moved in at Coppertop, the previous owners let me know they were sad to leave behind their 3-year-old asparagus row and miss out on the tasty veggie. 😉

In January I cut the foliage back on all 30 feet, which had finally browned in the snowfall and had stopped benefitting the plants. The fronds were supported by simple twine strung between metal poles, which I removed to make it easier to keep the bed weeded. During the past few weeks the bed has looked barren.



Then yesterday I noticed something incredibly welcome: IMG_9835

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