At Last

The second day of April, another gorgeous day, and finally it’s looking like spring here at Coppertop! Although it seems like we are a month or two behind much of the country, we do eventually get to enjoy a stunning spring. While others may be tired of faded daffodils, mine are finally showing their cheerful faces, and I love it.



It has taken a really long time for the forsythia to bloom. Because the bushes showed no sign of life in early March, I wasn’t even sure they were forsythia, but their branches looked so familiar, and I was hopeful. I love the way they are planted along the tall fence and grew naturally into arches. Plants along fence lines discourage deer from leaping over. We were told that deer have never been spotted inside the fenced portion of this land.


We still await the hyacinths’ opening and the fruit trees’ flowering.  Soon!

Yesterday afternoon we celebrated the fact that our chicks are now one month old. We let them free range for the first time in the little garden at the side of the garage. At first they were timid, trying to figure out the fresh air, sunshine, and grass.



Then they became inquisitive.



Then they had a party with all their friends.


They were also extremely hard to catch, so it’ll be a while before we gather the courage (and energy) to let them out of their garage pen again. In a couple more weeks they will be completely feathered and able to move into The Chicken Mansion.




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