A Beautiful Native

After some work, the perennial beds are looking cleaner, and plants are greening up as they very slowly awaken during these first days of spring.


I’m a fan of the many arches and established trellises in these gardens. They invite wandering to other pretty areas. On the far left edge of the above photo is a group of large trees. Beneath them grow some deciduous shrubs I’ve been admiring and trying to identify. In particular, there are six or more tall, upright bushes with bright pink, pendulous, fragrant flowers just beginning to open.





This stunning plant is completely new to me. It is Ribes sanguineum – Red Flowering Currant — native to Washington State and growing all the way down through woodland parts of California. It’s a magnet for hummingbirds. The flowers become berries that feed other birds, but are not very yummy to us humans. This area is a lovely and delicate spot of color in our still wintry landscape.


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