This has been my view during the last couple of days as I’ve been at work inside the greenhouse sowing vegetable and herb seeds. This is the first time I’ve had the benefit of gardening with a greenhouse, and in this cooler climate, it’s a game changer! I wore a few layers of clothing, but due to the greenhouse’s higher temps which I’ve come to know as a whole new kind of greenhouse effect 😉 , I quickly shed my rain jacket and fleece.

I’m very thankful for all the seeding trays and many sizes of plastic pots left behind for us. Near the greenhouse, the gardening shed, with its electricity and skylights, is filled with all kinds of essentials like pots, trellises, hoses, and tools the previous owners graciously left for us. I am well equipped to make things grow!

My companion has been this guy, who loves rooting around the gravel for edible leftovers from crops gone by.


I’d forgotten just how tiny some seeds are. During the last couple of growing seasons, we shopped for young seedlings at outdoor markets then transplanted them into our garden in Portugal. It’s been a while since I’ve grown from seed.


I’m feeling good about accomplishing lots.



In the next few days I will be turning over soil and adding compost to some of these raised beds, then sowing seed directly for carrots and some lettuces.








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