Nightly Visitor In Our Widlife Sanctuary

On this gorgeous Monday we have been on the road and at appointments. The road trip was brightened by vistas of the Northern Cascades and Mt. Baker. Then crossing the Hood Canal and looking back at the Olympic Mountains in the crystal clear sky — wow!

Each time I drive up to our home, this metal plaque greets me:


With it comes responsibility. The previous owners jumped through whatever hoops they needed to in order to gain this certification. From the website of Washington Dept. of Fish & Wildlife: While many of us may not realize it, a property owner is also a habitat manager. The things we do, or do not do, in the vicinity of our home have an effect on the quality of habitat for dozens of wildlife species.

The carnivore in me is seeking a balance.

The plaque pictures a spotted frog which is apropos; at dusk we hear melodic croaking coming from the waterfall by the patio. Some nights around 1am the croaking isn’t as welcome, but I guess if I were a frog, I might want to live in this lovely sanctuary setting as well.



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