Ah, Spring!

Yesterday was like this:



Besides gazing at the view, I actually got a lot accomplished. The front stoop needed some color, so I began filling pots that we have moved with us many times since we purchased most of them in Italy 15 years ago.  Image



Sweet primroses remind me of a chilly trip to Prague one year ago, where primroses vibrantly lined the city’s squares.

Even though adding color to the decks would be pretty, I don’t plan to fill the large pots yet since we need to refinish the wood this summer and the heaviest pots can be challenging to move. Wheeled platforms may be in our near future!

When she was a little girl, one daughter used to enjoy painting pots for my birthday and Mother’s Day gifts. A couple of these lovely mementos have survived all the moves and now have a place of honor outside our kitchen window. I miss my girls, so this helps make them feel closer. Image


To cap off the first day of spring, I also sowed two varieties of sweet peas along one of the sunny fences. I had soaked the seeds overnight first and am hoping for many fragrant blossoms! Image

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