When we bought this house a few months ago, we inherited many birdhouses. We have birdhouses over 20 feet high in fir trees. We have birdhouses on poles.  We have more than these photos show, and I like them! They are useful garden additions that don’t stand out in a brash way like plastic frogs with bulgy eyes. In addition to the birdhouses, these acres are dotted with bird feeders of all types, some of which we’ve added. I was provided with a list of about 40 species of birds that have visited this land in the last decade or so. I feel an immense responsibility to continue providing care.

I now consider myself an official member of the Coppertop Ornithology Club — learning more about the varieties of birds that daily visit the feeders, asking for binoculars for a birthday gift from Hubby, reading up on ways to be even more bird-friendly, and spending way more than pocket change on enormous bags of bird seed.

Bidding winter farewell and welcoming spring, here’s a photo from a snowy February day — a varied thrush at one of our deck feeders. (Photo taken by my son, the other member of the Coppertop Ornithology Club.)


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