March 10

It’s a gorgeously warm, sunny Monday, and I’m exhausted after hours cleaning the garden. I feel that by now maybe I’ve uncovered, snipped, cleaned, raked, and pruned only about 5-10% of these plantings! One day I’ll count just the Heuchera alone, as they must reach close to 50. While cutting back hardy geraniums outside the kitchen window, I turned the corner and was greeted by dozens of crocus now blooming along the side of the garage. Some mingle with hollyhocks and peonies. Amazing what a week can bring!



Later this afternoon I planted Mr. Optimist dahlia tubers (Costco) into the bare corners of the raised dahlia beds. I probably should’ve waited another month, but I didn’t.

Today’s deal of the day was a half price lightweight garden wagon at the hardware store. It facilitates me moving all my piles of plant debris to compost or to the burn pile. Loads of work 😉

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