Plant I.D.

I had fun at Sunny Farms Country Store today identifying some of the plants growing in my gardens that I’m unfamiliar with. This gives me crazy pleasure! The main large evergreen shrubs outside of the ground floor/basement lawn area are multiple Viburnum davidii. From wikipedia:  “V. davidii is one of several plants commemorating the 19th century French missionary and botanist Père Armand David.” The area also features Siberian or Redosier Dogwood, with its arching red branches.

The purple flowered plants coming back to life this week in some of the perennial beds are definitely pulmonaria, also known as lungwort.

Haven’t figured out how to use my photo stream from my camera phone to post onto my blog. Photos from the web instead — first the viburnum:



next, the dogwood:


and the pulmonaria:


I purchased some sweet pea and nasturtium seeds to start in the greenhouse and also splurged on a 1-gallon variegated Daphne Odora/winter daphne — one of my absolute favorites. I’ll find the perfect spot for it this week.

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