March 7

Third day of Lent, and we’ve got partial sunshine! The stream is still huge. I spent hours cleaning up the garden by the side of the garage/former dog pen area — need to name it something nicer. I cut back dozens of perennials and weeded. The wild strawberries, Fragaria, are invasive in the raised edge beds, to say the least, and I will have to wait until they flower to identify them better. From what limited articles I’ve read, some woodland strawberries have very little flavor and a yellow flower while others have a white flower and strawberry flavor. We’ll see if the birds get to the berries before I do in this bird haven.

Speaking of birds and other winged friends, this blog will need to include updates on both flora AND fauna since both compose Gardens at Coppertop. Our week-old chicks are getting adorable wings. This weekend Hubby will build a more secure pen in the garage, where they can have room to stretch their wings, yet will also have a couple of heat lamps to keep them cozy. Here are two adorable ameraucana sisters being spoiled for a brief moment on my velvet quilt.


Confession time, since this is about learning, growing, and learning more:  MAJOR, MAJOR mistake today when I got shear happy and snipped the stems of one of the most established clematis vines — ugh!   The clump near ground level had grown entwined with other perennials and I just snipped too quickly.  Thankfully there remain many other clematis vines along the black arches and elsewhere.

Update 5/21/14 — The clematis I accidentally sheared is coming back well, sending new climbers that have already climbed halfway up the fence.

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