Solstice Six On Saturday — June 20

It’s summer! The soil up here in the Pacific Northwest is beginning to dry out a bit after our deluges.

Today I want to share some white beauties in bloom. I gravitate toward white and feature a good amount here because it shines so clearly from Coppertop’s many shady areas and blends excellently with all colors. Starting closest to the house…

ONE – Clematis ‘Guernsey Cream’ is blooming in the area we call The Black Arches this week. One other of the same cultivar has finished blooming, but this one takes longer due to its shady spot. As I look out the kitchen window, it gleams.

TWO – Viburnum opulus are fading now, but their graceful snowball-laden boughs are a yearly joy. We tie them to arches to add to the romance.

THREE – Last week I saw a few posts about Kousa dogwoods. My young Cornus kousa in the center of the perennial beds is not loaded with blooms this year, but it is graced by a few lovely flowers.

FOUR – We call the white, red, and black raised bed Chicken Hill Bed. The stately white delphinium with black bees (Magic Fountains series) were started from seed a few years ago and are approaching peak bloom.

SIX – At the bottom of the hill near the cutting beds, the Marionberry blackberry trellis is just beginning to pop with white this week. We’ll harvest berries in August. These flowers remind me of astrantia.

SIX – Along one edge of the rose garden, this Spiraea nipponica ‘Snowmound’ couldn’t be prettier.

If you’re eager to see garden beauty from around the world, be sure to visit The Propagator who hosts Six on Saturday, and access links in his post’s comments.