Six On Saturday — April 27

First, thanks go to The Propagator who began Six on Saturday, keeping garden bloggers worldwide engaged and entertained each Saturday. Let’s jump right in!

ONE – During this season of adding to beds with plants I’ve grown and some I’ve purchased, I really should begin each Saturday with a “What’s New?” update. Recently I purchased three Paeonia lactiflora ‘Wladyslawa’, two Euphorbia characias ‘Galaxy Glow’ (below), and three Solidago rugosa (rough goldenrod) ‘Fireworks.’ The first two have new homes in perennial beds, and the Solidago will grow along one edge of the rose garden. Peonies have done so well for me here, that I now grow almost two dozen, ranging from herbaceous to intersectional to one tree peony.

TWO – Earlier this week my greenhouse was absolutely packed with plants, some of which I’ve begun taking to our Master Gardener demonstration garden, the site of our early May plant sale. I’ve yet to plant out the varieties of salvia and other plants I’ve been growing to add to the rose garden. Soon, though, as I’m making room for giant pots of tomatoes.

THREE – Amidst the busy-ness of planting and weeding, the willow tree’s gracefulness and fresh pop of young green soothes the soul.

FOUR – Good news, garden folks! Garden centers and nurseries tend to put hellebores on sale at this time of year. Since Lent is over, Lenten roses are being offloaded to make room for summer bloomers. For under $20.00 I was able to add three more young plants to the area of hellebores along the gravel stairway. Two are ‘Confetti Cake’ in the Wedding Party series and are still in bloom. The other is a ‘Rio Carnivale’ from the Honeymoon series by the same hybridizer, Hans Hansen. (I guess these fall under “What’s New?” up above. 🙂 )

FIVE – Earlier this week, we had a couple of enormous trees taken down by a tree professional who worked for the Forest Service his entire career. One was a giant fir that snapped in half during a December storm. The other was an old, hollowed-out bigleaf maple that was growing too close to the house. More tree work will be done next week. Meanwhile, Son is busy splitting and stacking logs. The work zone is a bit of a disaster, but will hopefully be cleaned up in time for the Meconopsis show at the end of May. Somehow the barrel of Brunnera survived falling limbs.

SIX – Coppertop’s first blooming tulips of 2019 are these pots by the front door, the earliest pots I planted in the fall, so that makes sense. The tall, purple Royal Acres mix with double pink Angelique.