Transition To December


Just a week ago I took this photo of beautiful grapes hanging on long after the leaves on the grapevine had dropped. It seemed symbolic, and sure enough, this has been the week to be thankful for the bearer of extraordinary fruit. My mom is struggling with health challenges, yet there’s plenty of hope for the amazing, fruitful, 90-year-old sweetheart.



I’ve begun the fun work down in the shed. This week has been a time of putting together huge loads of potting mix, then fast and furious seed sowing, and I’ve now filled my heated mats and lighted counter space with flats of perennials. Most are for a May plant sale and to fill in around rose bushes in our new rose garden. One of five seeded varieties of salvia are the earliest to sprout.



An excellent addition in the shed is this sink that Hubby installed a couple months ago. BIG thanks to him! The attached sprayer and deep tub make watering a breeze, and an added benefit is filling my electric kettle without stepping outside into the frigid air. I’m spoiled.



I’ve begun decorating for Christmas. Each time I passed a giant cotoneaster along our flat lawn area I thought that it would be perfect for indoor, seasonal color. Today I finally clipped some branches and brought them inside. I usually bring in cedar boughs and holly branches but had overlooked this plant for years. Not any longer!IMG_2191IMG_2212


Most of our outdoor lights are up, and Coppertop is feeling festive to start the Advent season. A happy and healthy Advent to all!IMG_2199IMG_2204IMG_2208IMG_2209IMG_2218IMG_2219