A Chilly Week

Four inches of snow on Sunday, a brief break, and then another four inches of snow yesterday have kept Coppertop beneath a chilly white blanket. These days in between snowfall are clear and gorgeous.


The garden shed is my cozy spot, despite its icy exterior.


Inside, heated mats and lights are helping more seeds germinate each day. So far I’ve sown sweet peas, poppies, alyssum, dianthus, digitalis, hollyhock, campanula, rudbeckia, delphinium, cosmos, lupines, and other flowers. The only veggies I’ve started are garden peas. I don’t know what took me so long to add an electric kettle and selection of teas and teacups to the shed, but now that I have a hot beverage station inside, I can stay for hours!

Outside, the rain chain on the shed has transformed into a solid column of ice. Nearby, the bark of birch trees and climbing hydrangeas offer beautiful texture and contrast to the fluffy snow.