Six On Saturday — June 13

Confession: It’s been almost 9 months since my last Six on Saturday. Here I am again, dipping my toe into the ocean of gardening posts. I’ve continued to blog and have enjoyed reading and commenting on weekly posts by gardeners around the world led by The Propagator, but I’ve lacked the steam to fully re-engage — until now.

ONE – Anemone Coronaria –These bright and cheerful lovelies I started a few months ago are surviving our chilly, wet spring.

TWO – Lupine Hill, which we smothered last summer and partially replanted last fall, is now thriving.

THREE – Fava or Broad Beans — No one told me how interesting their blooms are, and they have definitely surprised me this spring, my first time growing them.

FOUR – Nibbled-off Alchemilla Blooms — These were grazed by deer along the front of our home. Good thing there are plenty more in the fenced land.

FIVE – The Year-Old Rose Garden — Our exceedingly cold spring has held off blooms, but the plants are positively loaded with buds. First two to open were a Munstead Wood and this Golden Celebration.

SIX – Blue Poppy — The time for Meconopsis betonicifolia is NOW at Coppertop!

28 thoughts on “Six On Saturday — June 13

  1. Well, you’ve certainly come back with a bang! Stunning photos and vibrant colours. Then the grand finale…..Meconopsis, my all time favourite which has only succeeded once in the last 50 years. (I have only tried it half a dozen times but gave up a long time ago.) I will try again next year.
    Good to see you again!

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  2. Very nice bouquet of anemones coronaria in this pretty vase! I love it!
    I’m happy for you that you grow broad beans, you’re going to be delighted … I ate my first ones last weekend and now, I harvest them twice a week. Tasty ! Finally, very beautiful photo of the blue meconopsis😍

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    • Hi Fred! Yes, it was definitely time to grow the beans. Tell me please, do you enjoy them young or wait until they put on some size? Have you dried them before? Lastly, I read some people eat the leaves…

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      • I never dried them and never ate the leaves. I eat them always cooked and then cooled, removing the “double skin”and with olive oil, salt, pepper and sliced ​​lemon. The best size of a bean is roughly that of a phalanx.

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  3. Lovely flowers on the broad beans, I only tried growing them once and they got black aphids and also attacked by S&S so I gave up. Maybe I need to have another go. And you end on a real beauty. Is there anything more beautiful than a blue poppy?

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  4. I had never given broad beans any thought whatsoever until I saw their flowers in past Six on Saturdays! I still haven’t planted any, but with flowers like that I’d grow them just as ornamentals even if they weren’t edible.

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  5. The Amemone in the vase are lovely, and I adore your Lupine Hill! I have sown lupin seeds this year for the first time in years, but I don’t think I’m going to have success in getting flowers. After seeing your photographs I’m wishing now I’d bought some plants. 😊
    The blue poppy is glorious – a perfect ending for your first week back on SoS.

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  6. Where to start!? Lupine hill is amazing, the blue poppies… wow!, All those roses, and the anemones… (I wish I could grow them here). In spite of a chilly spring the garden is still doing its thing.
    I loved the vegetable garden update. Mine is getting there, but it’s far less ordered and weed-free, and now you have me wondering if I don’t also need to give up some land for raspberries and strawberries! We are completely opposite and already on to the hot weather crops. The lettuce is complaining and the cole crops are not as happy with the dry and warm, but the tomatoes are taking off.

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    • I’d trade some of my cool for some of your warmth right about now, Frank! I vote that you go for it with berries. I find them relatively easy-care. Raspberries in particular could fit into a long, narrow planting just about anywhere in your great space. The orderly veg garden does bring me a sense of peace in this restless time…


  7. lovely to see you back, hope to see you again soon. your rose garden must be very exciting and i love your lupins, mine have been reduced to one solitary plant by who knows what, slugs n snails, probably.

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  8. What a wonderful six for the summer solstice brilliant. The title is excellent. I especially like the Blue Meconopsis such a wonderful photograph, too. I tried to grow this myself but still fail, might give it another go sometime. Yes, I’m jealous too. 😊


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