Tulip Wrap-Up

Although the garden is bursting with new beauty daily, it doesn’t feel right to write about it all until I record and close out the 2020 tulip season. Our tulips will continue on for another couple of weeks, and it’s been a pretty spectacular tulip year.

A month ago the first “perennial” tulips opened, with 300 ‘Big Eartha’, ‘Big Apricot’, and the red-edged yellow, ‘Beauty of Spring’ as the stars. These Darwin hybrids are stately, huge, and very long lasting, and I’m just now deadheading the last of them. I’ll plant them in clumps throughout the garden and attempt to get a second year’s enjoyment from them.

I treat all the remaining tulips as annuals, composting them after they bloom. ‘White Marvel’ were the next to pop and have been blooming for over three weeks. They are just now taking a hit from some serious rain. I highly recommend this marvelous white tulip.

The name ‘Pretty Princess’ is not a favorite, but I bought them mainly for the promise of their variegated foliage, which has been very subtle. I promptly renamed them ‘Coppertop’ and have loved their pink and orange blooms. They look especially nice grouped with the white.

This week, the last of the containers of tulips are opening. They’re packed with the ‘French Blend’ combo I loved last year from Colorblends and re-purchased. They are wonderfully cheerful and will probably see us through to June. Hurray for the 2020 tulip season!

14 thoughts on “Tulip Wrap-Up

  1. All absolutely beautiful, and beautifully photographed! I can see we gravitate toward different color palettes (i lean more towards startling oranges and reds) but there’s nothing wrong with that!


    • Thanks, Jason! I always enjoy seeing your orange ballerinas and more. Gorgeous. Each year I try some different combos, but haven’t returned to all hot colors since 2015. There’s always next year…

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