Six On Saturday — June 15

Time for another Six on Saturday! I’m spending every free moment outdoors. Late spring in the Pacific Northwest is pretty much heaven on earth. This will be briefer than usual because the garden is gently calling my name, and photos are never as enticing as the real thing, are they?

ONE – Clematis ‘Nelly Moser’ is lovely this year. She grows up an archway near the perennial beds.

TWO – I could use some help identifying this beauty of a clematis below. She mixes well with hot pink climbing roses about to burst into bloom.

THREE – We added this Weigela ‘Wine and Roses’ when our Viburnum tomentosum broke in half beneath all the winter snow. I’m always on the lookout for ways to add dark foliage to the garden.

FOUR – Delphiniums have begun opening in this week’s hot sun. It seems earlier than most years, but I’m not complaining.

FIVE – The entrance to the veggie garden, where I’m spending great chunks of time, is buzzing with pollinators thanks to this pair of Hydrangea petiolaris.

SIX – I’ll finish with first photos of one edge of the NEW rose garden, which truly deserves its own post! Perhaps this week, especially since these photos were taken in imperfect, bleaching lighting. Neverthless, a trio of young Munstead Wood English roses are loaded with color and sublime fragrance. Nearby is my first foray with color-matching Knautia macedonica.

Thanks go to The Propagator in the U.K. who keeps us garden bloggers on our toes every Saturday.

36 thoughts on “Six On Saturday — June 15

  1. I just love that Weigela. What a delicious colour! I planted a white one and it’s quite boring most of the time. Everything in your garden is looking abundant and beautiful.

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  2. You’re right! What a beautiful place to be 🙂
    The new rose garden is going to be amazing. That purple is so rich and fragrance is such a bonus. For as nice as it looks now I’m already imagining the bushes growing together and making a delicious mass of fragrant flowers. -and the entrance to your veggie garden isn’t all that shabby either, love it!

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  3. I am sorry I can not identify the clematis. I can identify most species, but not cultivars, particularly cultivars of species that are uncommon here. It looks like one of the few cultivars that we can get in nurseries here, but I really would not know. ‘Nelly Moser’ happens to be available here, with only a few other cultivars, although none are common.

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    • Thank you! Maybe a great entrance makes garden chores like weeding more pleasurable; maybe not! The graceful Akebia quinata vine between the hydrangeas requires regular clipping, but it provides lots of soft green for composting. Ha!


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