Six On Saturday — September 29

Before leaving town for a trip this week, I took some photos of autumn color at Coppertop. Although the leaf drop has barely begun, change is in the air, and many plants are transitioning to their fall wardrobe as we also pull out our cozy sweaters. These should be recognizable to most readers. Here are my Six, the first tastes of fall.



The final photo shows our last harvest before cider making commences again. Hubby already pressed 10 gallons from our early-bearing trees at the end of August. It felt great to pick this abundance of apples from our remaining trees, plus some from a friend’s Spartan trees, which are known to be excellent for cider. Tomorrow is pressing day!

Six on Saturday was started by The Propagator from his corner of the world and has spread amongst garden bloggers worldwide. Links to posts can be found here in the comment section.

17 thoughts on “Six On Saturday — September 29

  1. Your colour’s slightyly ahead of mine here. Pretty vibrant shades happening there for you. And those apples . . . o how nice some cider’d taste now. Good luck w/your hard work!

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  2. I’m amazed at how quickly Autumn arrives. Here, after the start of the season, we have at least a month which continues just like summer before anything happens. You have gorgeously coloured leaves in your garden already.

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  3. Someone mentioned earlier that there is not much to get pictures of in autumn. For those of us in mild climates, the foliar color is rad. We happen to get a bit of it here, and I intend to show it off later, but it is not like elsewhere.

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