Six On Saturday — May 26

White blossoms in my May garden have me satisfied to simply soak up the daily beauty. Isn’t it a welcome respite when we can admire miracles around us instead of always looking for the next project? I hope to remain satiated a while here. Offering great contrast to the loads of surrounding evergreens, my theme this week is May whites.

ONE – This is the first year that this youngster, a Cornus kousa  or Japanese Dogwood planted by previous owners, will be fully clothed in white. The drifts of pointed, petal-like bracts (the flowers are in the center of the bracts) are starting to grow along branches in the lovely horizontal pattern these trees are known for. Its central position in the perennial beds  provides the perfect resting spot for visiting birds and pollinators of all types.


TWO I’ve always loved the way our two Clematis ‘Guernsey Cream’ positively gleam from their shady spots in the garden. Second to bloom in our clematis parade, their large flowers are velvety and serene. An added bonus are their wiry seedpods to come (which gave my dear mom quite a laugh when I wrote about them here — I aim to keep her entertained!).clemclose


THREE – What’s not to love about Spiraea prunifolia ‘Bridalwreath’? Graceful, easy care, faithful bloomer, haven for birds, and decent fall color — these shrubs have it all. I’m a big fan of spiraeas.


FOUR – Akebia quinata or chocolate vine is just coming into bloom. This hearty vine spans the archway into the veggie garden and offers its sweet perfume to all who enter. Our akebia is white chocolate. The fragrance seems closer to vanilla to me!


FIVE – A graceful feature down near the cutting beds, our weeping Malus or Crabapple tree is in full bloom. In past years I’ve tried to identify the cultivar, and my best guess is either ‘Red Jade’ or ‘Molten Lava.’ All I know is it’s a pleasure to have here.


SIX – And finally, full circle and back to the perennial beds, the queens of the week are the Viburnum. The two largest in the garden are trained to arch over a path. They’re fun to bring indoors and allowed to spill from tall vases.


Six on Saturday is hosted by The Propagator in the UK. If you visit his site, scroll down to the comments and click on links to visit lovely gardens around the world.

21 thoughts on “Six On Saturday — May 26

  1. What a lovely range of white flowers! They’re all so refreshing. :~)) Viburnum opulus ‘Roseum’ is an especial favourite of mine, flowering so generously in spring, and then with stunning autumn colour.


  2. The photo of your viburnum near the house shows a garden full of froth and colour…gorgeous. And I see what you mean about the clematis gleaming.


  3. I don’t have Cornus kousa yet, but since I first saw it, I thought I needed to plant one. In the wish list!
    Otherwise your arch is beautiful! Mine has already bloomed and I tried (unsuccessfully I guess) to pollinate the flowers. I will try again next year.


  4. Beautiful! Spring has really taken off for you 🙂
    I now know what I need to do with my own viburnums. Two cuttings which have always been too close to each other and too close to a path can now be separated and one will cross the path to form an arch!


  5. You like white too! I wrote a naughty article about that, but will not send the link. It would likely offend.
    As much as I prefer white, I happen to like the brighter colors for clematis because they suit it so will. There are many flowers that are at their best in white, but some of those clematis excel at bright blue or red. However, when I grew dogwoods, I thought that pink and red looked relatively silly.


        • Tony, I was in agreement with you on your list until you reached poppies! I love P. orientale ‘Royal Wedding’ and am attempting to grow some. Maybe I love their white because of their contrasting black eye, though! It’s that contrast I’m a sucker for in delphs, anemones, and now poppies…

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          • I should have specified ‘California’ poppies. They come in a variety of weird colors now, but the simple orange is still the best and brightest. I do happen to think that other poppies, even Iceland poppies (next autumn) look good in white, particularly the ‘Royal Wedding’. That shows of its whiteness splendidly!

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  6. Hi March! I have just looked back at your posts for May and your garden is looking lovely. What gorgeous tulips you have had! And your lilacs and now the viburnum are fabulous. 🙂


    • Good to see your smiling face here, Cathy! Thanks for the visit. Isn’t spring fabulous? I was admiring your peonies, irises and poppies earlier today. I am slightly behind you with just the first poppy opening yesterday and peonies still in bud. Enjoy all that colorful beauty.

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